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      徐州天 载工程机械有限公司地处苏鲁豫皖四省交界的历史文化名城----徐州市经济开发区。本公司 主要经营经销起重机、装载机、平地机、压路机、摊铺机、铣刨机 等整机及配套机械配件,产品远 销海外及全国各地,公司秉承“商道酬勤,业道酬精,服务至上的”的经营理念,得到了 用户及合作单位的高度认可。
    天道酬勤!人道酬善!商道酬信!业道酬精!道者,覆天载地也!---徐州天 载工程机械有限公司。

     Xuzhou tianzai engineering machinery co., ltd. mainly deals in the distribution of cranes, loaders, graders, road rollers, pavers, milling machines and other complete machines and accessories. its products are exported overseas and all over the country. adhering to the business philosophy of " business reward, industry reward, service first", the company has been highly recognized by users and cooperation units.

     Tao, covering heaven and earth also! - Xuzhou tianzai engineering machinery co., ltd.
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